Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Almyra BabyMoon in Month 3

MrL and I had booked our week away to the Almyra in Paphos, Cyprus, well before we knew I was pregnant. In fact a pretty expensive lesson I learnt this year, being the incredible planner that I am, is to NOT book all of your vacations for the year, at the beginning of the year. 2015 was the year that I had planned to experience Istanbul, relax in Cyprus and become a Mal-diva… I have and will be doing all of that, but they now evoke different feelings. Istanbul was the last trip where I could have drank if I wasn’t #CleanAndLean, Paphos was the first time I slept through a holiday (and in the sun) and the Maldives has been renamed ‘usual November anniversary trip’ to ‘BabyMoon in September’, or how others have affectionately called it ‘the last hurrah!’

For those considering an early BabyMoon or a BabyMoon period, I would recommend the Almyra.  I chose the hotel for it’s sleek, white design (it is a design hotel after all), but in fact it is well known for being an extremely family friendly resort.  


The peaks of the trip included the staff, who very much catered to my food aversions, and cravings of calamari, edamame, fresh lemon tea and over-buttered wholemeal bread. My husband on the other hand, had to tend with running out into the town of Paphos to source cheese and onion crisps, once I had woken from my midday coma. Additionally, if you were looking to escape families for somewhat seclusion, the adult only Aetheon rooms and the adult only complex which housed the spa and the beautiful pool, would provide that.

The troughs, the beach isn’t exactly a beach, so poor passers-by were subjected to whatever ‘sleep face’ I had on, and possibly my nipples as my boobs had outgrown my bikini! Paphos town, a well developed resort town, more English influence than Cypriot influence, so if you are looking to be submerged in culture, best to stay in the hotel.



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