Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Naturally Active Haircare

Last July, I walked into my Salon pulled up to my usual stylist David and asked him to chop all of my hair off. I was looking for low maintenance hair, as well as hair that suited my clean and lean lifestyle. 

Chemically straightening my hair every so often just wasn't cutting it for me any more! Since the cut, I realised, and kind of learnt the hard way that short hair does not by any stretch of the imagination mean easy hair. Now I must wash more often, moisturise daily, invest in silk pillow covers, condition, and the list goes on. As well as all of this, the products that I use must be somewhat ‘clean’. I was recently introduced to the Liz Earle haircare (they do hair? I hear you say) yes they do, and the ingredients are responsibly sourced.

I started off with the botanical shine shampoo suitable for all hair types, and with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, West African Shea and vitamin E, ingredients which are perfect for my short afro hair. The Aloe Vera promotes shine and moisture and prevents hair loss (I want short hair not to lose my hair); the Shea improves elasticity and retains moisture, so less of the snap and break that can occur with hair like mine. Living in London and insisting on walking 8 km to work several times a week, means that I am exposed to pollution and the sun’s radiation; vitamin E saves the day and covers me on this front.  You only need a little shampoo, especially if you love to lather, like I do. I followed up with botanical shine conditioner for dry and damaged hair and left it to condition for about 10 minutes; the Aloe Vera, Shea and Vitamin E feature in the conditioner as well, but the key ingredients here are the Abyssinian seed oil so my hair doesn't frizz, and the Kalahari melon seed oil, which promotes hair growth. Finally to moisturise my curls the botanical shine nourishing hair oil with coconut oil, Abyssinian oil and more. Not only does my hair look moisturised but it smells delicious.

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