Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Collagen Boosting Tips

Having a youthful looking mother, in fact, one that many seem to confuse for my sister (Mother is 49 this year and I am 26) has made me slightly anal when it comes to ensuring that when I do hit 49, I am also mistaken for my child’s sister. 

Collagen is the main component of our connective tissues, responsible for keeping our skin strong, elastic and replacing dead skin cells. With 14 years left before collagen production declines for me, I wanted to share the numerous weapons (aside from not being a smoker) in my anti-ageing arsenal, and learn what you do daily to remain youthful.
SPF (with UVA  and UVB) for youthful skin:
As I have dark skin, I naturally have the equivalent of SPF10 against UV exposure; this doesn't stop me from slathering on SPF50 daily, although I am told SPF 15 would suffice; I DO TAN (thanks to the short wave UVB rays) which involves the palaver of finding new foundation shade, to suit my newly bronzed/darkened skin; whereas I would rather stay in the sun safely for up to 50 times longer without the worries of having to buy new cosmetics. Secondly, the long wave UVA rays, even on a cloudy day can penetrate skin and cause wrinkling and texture changes. Conclusion, add SPF with UVA and UVB protection to your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

Eating and drinking for youthful skin:
In 2014, I became a follower of James Duigan’s philosophy of ‘Clean & Lean’ and in the process minimised my intake of CRAP (caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods), in fact in January, I stopped drinking completely. Since becoming clean and lean, MrL and I have made the switch to completely organic, and have cut out the refined sugars. I still have a bit of a sweet tooth, but these days it can be satiated by Agave Nectar and Stevia. Eliminating sugar from one’s diet doesn't just impact the waistline, but it has been proven that the more sugar you eat, a process known as glycation occurs. This process happens when sugar in in the bloodstream attaches to proteins, to form AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which damage adjacent proteins such as collagen, turning collagen dry and brittle; causing wrinkles and sagging of the skin. In order to rebuild collagen in my body, my morning smoothie and evening meals are being supplemented by Great Lakes Gelatin, this hydrolysed collagen contains essential amino acids and has been clinically proven to rebuild skin as well as improve hair and nails.

Exercise for youthful skin:
Did you know that a third of the protein in our bodies consist of collagen? What does this mean; it means that strength training is your friend. My strength training routines include kettle bells, resistant bands and also body weight resistance. Through training muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones tear and regenerate (when properly fuelled, hydrated and rested) so that the new connective tissues formed are predominantly protein but consist mostly of collagen. I recently received some tips from Jess Schuring, founder of Heartcore on how to exercise for youthful skin using the resistance band, so this will be featuring a lot more in my thrice weekly workout.



  1. The Dermalogica SPF is really good, it is one I have used in the past. Great tips, another reason why I need to get back on the healthy eating/exercise. KBxx


    1. Yes, it's really good! Keep it clean, lean and mean :) SAL x


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